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Samkhya Villas Ubud

The word Samkhya is based upon the Sanskrit word samkhya which means "number", the school that specifies the number and nature of the ultimate constituents of the universe and thereby imparts knowledge of reality. In fact, the term Samkhya also means perfect knowledge. Hence it is a system of perfect knowledge.


Villas has 11 individual private pool villas. All villas are built with wooden floors, and Combination of wooden walls and roof.

Samkhya Villas is located in the at the end of the slopped holy land, in Kedewatan Village west of Ubud which popular for it’s beautiful valleys, rice terraces, and active traditional religion activities. Samkhya Villas has both beauty and quietness.

It is surrounded by rice terraces, sacred valley, volcano view and other holy sites. Pura Pucak Swargan or Holy Hill Temple of Paradise is located across the villa and one of the place where the Old Priest Rsi Markandya was meditating during his journey from Java to Bali to spread Hinduism in 14th century.


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Samkhya Villas